Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 72




  1. I can hardly wait until our snowflakes turn to raindrops.

  2. I love spider webs they can be so pretty when covered in little 'diamonds'.

    Doniene, Nigel has 1 more injection to go and then we hope all will be well. This is the third set of injections over the past 6 years!!
    Re the buildings, this one is a factory of some sort and although I have tried doing research this morning I cannot find out anything about it. It has been empty ever since we first saw it in 2005. I will see if I can find something out if we go into the town, there is a small museum that may have some answers. Chasseneuil was right on the line of demarcation during the war and they did not have it easy. ( The line between free and occupied France). There is so much history attached to this area, far too much, it needs a whole blog on its own. As for other derelict buildings, sadly there are quite a few homes. The old people die, the houses are left to the children and invariably there is lot of arguing and they just abandon the place. Selling can be difficult anyway as renovation is very expensive nowadays and it is cheaper for young people to build a new more modern house, sadly these to not fit in with the old buildings but we are having to get used to it. Our own house is in the middle of a small hamlet and we know it was on the cadastral Napoleonic map of 1839 but we have no idea how long it was there before that. Presumably it is well over 200 years old, restoration is an on going job but we love it. Will let you know if I find out what the building was used for. Take care Diane