Monday, November 13, 2017

Day 311-317

Another busy week for us! This past weekend was the final trial for the season - our state finals. I only qualified Rob, hence only had two runs. My first one was mediocre and placed sixth. But on Saturday I had probably had the best run I’ve had with Rob all fall and placed third. I was so excited! Plus I got a cherry on top - youngest daughter (took some photos for me) son and grandson came and watched me run!

We also got to spend time with the family and I did capture one photo of Gramps and the boys!

Now it’s back to the ranch and normal activities!

Chickens and cats waiting for their evening feeding!

The puppies are growing! They’re getting cute and developing personalities!

And there is a new kid in the pens! Meet Clem the new milk cow calf!

Hope this finds each of you doing well! I’m hoping to get back in the groove of posting every day and reading and commenting on your blogs! I want you to know that each of you inspire me to see my world through your eyes!

Blessings and hugs!


  1. That's the pretty friend I've known for so long now. Way to go at the trial. Those puppies are cute overload. I especially like the mostly black one.

  2. Congratulations on the great trial! Is your foot feeling better? I had to laugh when I saw the picture of Gramps and the boys! Perfect placement of antlers on Gramps's head! And cats and chickens and puppies, oh my! I really enjoyed reading this post.

  3. Well done a third sounds good to me. Love that first photo it is lovely to see you, but all great photos. Love the puppies and the calf, and the boys. Wow you have enough cats, cannot think that you have any mice or rats around there!!!!! Have a great week Diane

  4. Congratulations Doniene. I love every picture in this blog post!!

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